The fitness and sports sector are one of the sectors in which seasonality is most decisive. There are certain times of the year where the influx and discharges are much higher than in the rest of the months. September is one of the main months in the fitness business, as it accumulates around 30% of the registrations of gyms and sports centres, followed by January with approximately 15%.

Tracing strategies that help you take advantage of this seasonality is decisive to increase the profitability of your business. For this reason, from Nubapp, we wanted to give you six tips that will help you draw up commercial strategies during the months of greatest influx.

1. Know the seasonality of your sports centre.

In the first place, knowing the seasonality of your sports centre is essential to start developing these strategies. Although it is true that in most centres September and January are the most likely months to attract new clients, you may discover some other outstanding period in your centre. Having a management software that collects these statistics will be essential to be able to extract the data and start with the strategies.

Do not collect only data on the number of registrations, but it will also be very useful in your strategies to know the percentage data of men and women who register these months, the subscriptions most purchased by these new users, as well as the responses to the question how did you meet us? If you collect this information regularly at your sports centre.

2. Reinforce the offer of activities, courses and other sports services.

In those months, you will not only receive higher fees, but also the influx to your sports centre from the already members will be much greater. For this reason, it is essential to increase the offer of activities, courses and other sports services, in order to meet the demand of these outstanding months.

In this sense, knowing which activities or courses are the most reserved in your sports centre will help you to draw up a planning based on the most demanded activities and coach. Likewise, knowing the busiest hours will help you increase the offer and the staff at those times of the day, thus making the user experience much more satisfactory.

3. Motivates and reinforces staff.

During the busiest months, there may be times of the day when the high influx to your centre creates stress for your employees. Motivating them and preparing them for the increase in work during these months will be essential. Also consider, if necessary, the increase in staff during these periods or at certain times of the day.

In addition, having an online registration system, as well as online bookings and payments, will make the management of your sports centre much easier. In this way you will not only be able to reduce the work of your employees, but also, your clients will feel more freedom to decide.

4. Create offers and promotions during the months of more seasonality.

Since these months are the best when it comes to attracting new customers, creating offers and promotions aimed at your potential customers can be key for them to choose your gym and not another.

In both September and January, it is common for sports centres to have cheap offers for new registrations or specific promotions. Find out about the promotions available in the centres of your competition and design and offer your own.

5. Create advertising campaigns during the months with the highest seasonality.

Without a doubt, creating advertising campaigns is one of the best ways to make yourself known to new customers. During these months, you can consider creating or expanding your advertising campaigns in both traditional media (radio, press …) and digital media.

The advantage of betting on digital media when creating advertising campaigns is that the investment required is much smaller. In addition, in both Google Ads and Facebook Ads, you can define the audience to show the ad, so that you can focus on your potential customers.

6. Rely on email marketing to take advantage of seasonality.

Creating email marketing campaigns during the months of September and January will help you impact customers with new offers or promotions and get higher ones quickly and without investment.

By creating lists for newsletters with different types of users, you will be able to create personalized emails that achieve a higher registration rate. You can even send emails to those users who unsubscribed during the year, since it is likely that during these months they will be looking for a sports centre again.

Tracing customer acquisition strategies during these months will undoubtedly help you to get new registrations in your sports centre.


As you can see, the actions that you can carry out are simple and you will not need much investment or much time. If you have our management software in your sports centre, you can carry out all these actions from it, saving you a lot of time and headaches.

If you need help to draw any of these strategies from the Nubapp software. Feel free to write to us for customer support!