Today begins a new chapter in Nubapp Months of teamwork, lots of enthusiasm and illusion, focused on the design of what will be our new brand and new website.

An aesthetic change, with a new modern brand, revolutionary, sportive; a website that, thought and designed through the attributes of sport, submerges you in a clear and clean space allowing you to navigate in a very friendly and intuitive way. A site that combines image, icons and texts, to make your navigation more visual and attractive, and functional and informative in the data.

A change also inside the company, with a progressive increase in staff, which has led to a change of offices. Modern and open offices, encouraging a collaborative work environment, reinforcing the philosophy of teamwork, a team always focused on achieving an objective: to facilitate the management of sports centres.

A change that leads us not only to dream and imagine the future we want for sports and athletes, it also leads us to take steps, every day we work to get closer to that future, a future that will someday cease to be imaginary.