We are in a difficult period for sports centres, with capacity restrictions in their facilities and activities. Even in some places, group activities that do not comply with the new restrictions have been cancelled, such as maintaining an adequate safety distance.

In this situation, in which the option of booking a space in the gym, on a paddle tennis court or in a swimming lane, becomes increasingly complicated,penalizing people who book a place and finally do not attend,without notice, it is of utmost importance.

From Nubapp the penalty functionality has been improved, adding a variety of options, fully configurable, so that the centre managers decide when a user should be penalized and that suchpenalty is carried out automatically.

From preventing the booking of one or more activities during certain days, depending on the number of penalties; to prevent full access to the centre. Fully configurable functionalities, which allow a variety of actions that are activated automatically. This improvement in automation applies both when assigning a new penalty and when lifting it. The centre will only have to configure it once.

This improvement in penalties, along with all the remaining functionality of the software:

  • Free Apps for users and administrators
  • Allow online booking and payment
  • Live broadcast of activity sessions
  • Newsletters, news and chat
  • Online payment gateway
  • Access control and capacity
  • Automatic billing
  • Complete reports
  • And many more

They make the centres able to cope with the governmental measures adopted en materia cent in the field of sports centres.

From Nubapp they encourage you to have a Demo, totally free and without obligation, so that you know all the functionalities that the software has, and that will help you to carry out a complete management, in an easy and simple way, of your centre.

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