Do you have a tennis club? Resapadel helps you in the management of your club with moderm tools of domotics, entry and exit of the center, turning off and on lights…

Online booking

The user can view and book the facilities and register for the courses available at the club.


Each centre can configure its courses in the most suitable way, the courses have start and closure dates, and can be linked to different tracks.

Venues reservation

Allows online booking of the different courts available in the club, and the possibility of adding players to each of them.

The complete and automatic payment gateway for your centre

No set charges

Only pay for successful transactions. Free returns.

Cheaper than competitors

We compete with PayPal, Stripe, Swipe...

No installation

Our gateway does not require any additional installations or maintenance.

Resadmin is the application that allows you to take control of yor center. You can quickly check reservations, payments, lights, customer access, etc. It allows you to manage your center remotely in an easy and fast way. Your managers can also have access to the application for a better management of the center.