ADMINISTRATORS, MONITORS, EMPLOYEES, with Resadmin managing your centre will be easier than ever!

Don’t wait any longer and download Resadmin, the free application that allows you to manage your centre wherever you are.


The users of your centre will no longer have an excuse!

You will be able to consult the agenda, book on line and keep up to date with the latest news in the centre wherever you are, from your mobile phone, with the free application that we make available to you.


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Resadmin, our mobile application for administrators and employees.

With Resadmin, managing your centre is easier than ever. Through our application you will be able to know in real time everything that happens in your centre, wherever you are. In addition, Resadmin is designed to facilitate the daily work of your employees, helping them to manage the centre faster and easier.

From Resadmin you will have access to the management of:


Consult the list of attendees to each of the activities, as well as the waiting list. Likewise, your employees will be able to keep track of the attendance of participants via their mobile phone or tablet, making their day-to-day life easier.


Consult the user database and all their information from anywhere via mobile phone. You will be able to manage all your data, as well as your reservations, subscriptions and bonuses or your financial information.


From the reservations panel you will be able to consult all the reservations of your centre and assign reservations to users manually without having to enter the software.


The integrated direct messaging service allows you to communicate with your users in real time, always complying with the laws of protection


Scan the codes of your tickets and cards to control access to the centre.



Control and manage your home automation centre integrated with our software.

Daily Invoicing

With Resadmin you will be able to consult the daily invoicing of your centre and know the financial flows of your centre from anywhere.


The free mobile application for users of your centre.

Available in up to 10 languages, it will help you create a community around your centre.

With this application, users of the centre will be able to:

Reservation management
  • Reserve your activities and consult it.
  • Synchronize your bookings with Google or Apple calendar.
Payment Management
  • Pay your reservations directly.
  • Buy your vouchers and memberships.
  • Consult your payment receipts.
Create community
  • Save and share the results of each WOD, as well as their records.
  • Send messages to other users and to the box.


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