The software specialized in crossfit box management. A software that allows easy management and that is adapted to each type of box. By joining Resawod, you join our Crossfit community.

Use Resawod in your box


Resawod specializes in the management of crossfit boxs. The most complete software for the management and online reservations of your box.


Our team is at your side in case you have any doubts or problems, to make a demonstration or to listen to your ideas.


Resawod provides you with numerous tools to develop your communication and marketing strategy. The only limit is imagination.


With the multi-platform application, users can access the planning, book an activity and even contact their coach.

Peace and tranquility for your box

The complete and automatic payment gateway for your centre

No set charges

Only pay for successful transactions. Free returns.

Cheaper than competitors

We compete with PayPal, Stripe, Swipe...

No installation

Our gateway does not require any additional installations or maintenance.

Resadmin is the application that allows you to take control of yor center. You can quickly check reservations, payments, lights, customer access, etc. It allows you to manage your center remotely in an easy and fast way. Your managers can also have access to the application for a better management of the center.