Do you have a crossfit event? With Resawod it’s easier to organize everything, notify all your participants, show your results, sell tickets, organize your event from the comfort of your box. Don’t wait any longer and get in touch with us.


They will allow you to promote your events, you can create a list of users, only women, only children, users under 30, over 45 … This way you can reach in a more personalized way to each person who can attend the event.


It allows you to configure a series of elements that are displayed on screen, such as whiteboard, videos, images, logos, instagram hashtags, Facebook feed …


It allows to select a WOD, already available or to create a special one for the event.


Allows to show on the screen the WOD results of the selected event, the results added are linked to each participant.

The complete and automatic payment gateway for your centre

No set charges

Only pay for successful transactions. Free returns.

Cheaper than competitors

We compete with PayPal, Stripe, Swipe...

No installation

Our gateway does not require any additional installations or maintenance.

Resadmin is the application that allows you to take control of yor center. You can quickly check reservations, payments, lights, customer access, etc. It allows you to manage your center remotely in an easy and fast way. Your managers can also have access to the application for a better management of the center.