In a world where mobile technology and remote working is so important, mobile solutions are needed to combine this technological advance with the freedom to work from anywhere.

For sports centre managers, being able to manage their sports centre/box wherever they are, means enjoying greater autonomy. That’s why at Nubapp, all our licenses have 5 integrated technological solutions;

  • Cloud-based dashboard
  • App for managers and employees: Resadmin
  • App for users of Resasports sports centres
  • Integrated web booking
  • Exclusive online payment system: Resapayments.

All online, so that you can access where and when you want.

Our goal is to increase your productivity and simplify your process. And to achieve this, we regularly implement updates and improvements to all our tools.

Today, we would like to introduce you to the new Resadmin app. Do you want to know everything we have for you? Press play!

Your app Resadmin to manage your sports centre now has a new look and feel.

In search of a more intuitive app, Resadmin has modernised and completely changed its look and feel. The result: a much more usable and attractive app.

This design change brings two clear advantages that we know you will love:

1. Faster and simpler processes. A clearer and more intuitive menu, with shortcuts to what you need most, and improved performance, so that your management goes at lightning speed.

2. A more modern look. A new, much more modern interface, more different sections, and more colour contrasts, increasing the user experience, so that it is easier for you to find what you need.

We have listened to you. All the data in your fingertips.

We know that both trainers and managers of sports centres/box, you need to have all the data of your clients. Having that data with immediate access via a mobile app is a must for many of you.

We also know that when it comes to controlling the bookings that are made in your sports centre, you ned to know all the details of the same: players, time, payment, light…

Aware that having this information makes your management much easier, in this new Resadmin, you will find a complete client file, with all their details, bookings, memberships, vouchers and penalties. You will also have complete access to the details of all the bookings made at your centre.

You will no longer need to go to your computer to check data, you can do it from your mobile or tablet. Faster, simpler, more productive.

But we haven’t told you the best part yet. This year-end stretch is loaded with new features… Resadmin is just the starting pistol. Will you stay to see ir?

Remeber that Resadmin is available for both IOS and Android, and is free for all our customers. If you want to see everything it can do for you, we’ll show it to you. Book your DEMO!