Do physical exercise is one of the best habits to maintain good health, since provide us a lot of benefits. But when is better to practise it? At morning or afternoon?


LThe truth is that there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a time to exercise. Among them, the circadian rhythm, which will determinate when we feel better, more awake and more active, to practise sport. Moreover, another variable that will determine our training time will be our habits, our work schedule or family reconciliation.


However, depending on the physical objective that you have set for yourself, there are suitable hours than others to carry out your training:

Aerobic resistance training.

Aerobic resistance is the body’s ability to maintain high intensity of activity for a long period of time thanks to continuous acquisition of oxygen. It doesn’t matter what time of the day you do this type of exercise, since body’s response to aerobic resistance is the same throughout the day.

Anaerobic resistance training.

Anaerobic resistance is that in which you work in high intensity activity but for a short duration. In the afternoon, from 06:00 pm, body temperature is ideal for working this type of training.

Muscle mass.

if you are looking to gain muscle mass, the best results are obtained if you train in the afternoon. The levels of cortisol, a hormone that hinders muscle development, are higher in the morning, making the afternoon the best time to train.


Fat loss.

The metabolism decrease as the hours pass, so if we train during the afternoon, we cause a reactivation of the metabolism that will help us to burn more calories.

So depending on the physical objective, you can decided which is the best time to train. Although, it will always depend on when you feel more comfortable and wanting to do it more. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you decided to train in the morning, you should wake up your body, in order to avoid injuries, so the warming up will be essential. Likewise, if you are going to train in the afternoon, it is advisable not practise sport at very high intensity, since falling asleep will be more difficult for you.